Monday 5 March 2012

In the limelight...

It was the yochien play yesterday and like most things at the yochien, they don't do things by halves! The kids have been practicing since the winter break but that said the staff are clever in that all the dances they use are recycled from other dances. Ebi-kun was picked to do the kaikai no aisatsu (possibly spelt wrong!)  which I thought it meant that he introduced his class play but what he was actually doing was opening the day, welcoming all the parents etc and wishing the actors good luck. He had no qualms about going up there and doing it, me, I would have run a mile rather than stand up on stage in front of all those people.

They organize it so that the smallest kids do one play per class, the middle classes do two and the older classes do two and a reading. His next play was Hina Matsuri (girls day) which was actually on Saturday so that was quite fitting.

There was a bit of a fiasco in the changing room, S-kun appeared to have ripped his costume, his mom was in another changing room sorting out the little brother so dad was helping S-kun, it wasn't until everyone was leaving the dressing room that I realized the dad was attempting to sew up the rip, I took it off him and asked where needs sewing and stitched it together really quickly and helped S-kun get dressed. What I had actually done was sew up part of the kimono sleeve which I don't think was even ripped. So dad was trying to sew up a hole that was supposed to be there. As S-kun put the outfit on all the stitches came out!! I just bundled him up and sent him on his way, if it was actually ripped you couldn't tell from the audience.

It is a long day, we were up at 6am and I needed to make a bento too, most of the acts were put on before lunch then after lunch there were just three left, Ebi-kun was one of the thieves in Ali Baba. Last year he had the lead role but he said he didn't want to be Ali Baba, he did want to be the head of the thieves but the chunkiest kid in the class got that role.

In the afternoon, many of the little brothers and sisters were getting fed up, there were kids crying and others sleeping, you can spot a mile off the fathers that are hands on and used to handling the kids and the ones who haven't a clue. My husband spotted one father doing nothing whilst the wife was wrangling a 2 year old trying to take photos and video and rushing around to help with costume and set changes, poor woman.

We actually left around 4.30pm and I have to go in again on Wednesday so they can do a few of the sets for the new kids that are starting in April. Needless to say, I am not going to get much work done this week. Ebi-kun is off today so that the children and teachers can have a rest (mothers not included). We have a plan for the edible book competition so that is what we will be doing.

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  1. Wow! I loooove that living Hinamatsuri pic.

    Can't wait to see what you are doing for the Edible Book competition. I have wet nori right now waiting for it to dry and then take pics!


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