Thursday 1 March 2012

Netherlands Round-Up..

We would have finished everything off yesterday if Ebi-kun hadn't been sick, he has a half day at yochien on a Wednesday so we usually do project work then. Instead we both had a nice long nap! The new meds seem to be working, he only woke up once in the night coughing so we both managed to get a pretty good nights sleep and he has gone off to yochien this morning. Thank you for all the well wishes.

So, February we studied about The Netherlands, here is a quick round up of what we got up to..

Had a look at tessellation and MC Escher and read a book about Van Gogh and learnt to paint in impasto style.

Cooked Dutch Pancakes, not once but twice, they have become a firm favourite and had a a Netherlands MTD.
Made a constellation booklet, sewed a starry constellation and a starry starry sandwich.

Listened to Vincent and studied the lyrics
Dissected tulips
Watched videos about windmills and also made some.

And I didn't blog about this but we also watched this video about how clogs are made, the guy is quite funny and we both found it very interesting.


  1. Ha ha, I read your blog and live in holland.
    And yes, we walk on wooden shoe's in our garden, children also, because they are warm and easy to put on. Any questions? Do you know the taste of 'drop' ?
    Greetings Annemieke from Paterswolde, the netherlands.

    1. Hi!
      No, I don't know what 'drop' is.
      A dutch friend gave us a couple of recipe suggestions, she used to live here so she knows what we can get our hands on! I went to The Netherlands many moons ago, would love to go back some day.


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