Saturday 17 March 2012

Thank you pouch...

One of the yochien moms, Eri-san has been super kind and helpful the last couple of years so I wanted to make her a little thank you gift. She makes her own soap and is into the handmade scene so I figured she would be happy with something I had made.

My first project got off on the wrong foot and I messed it up big time so had to have a re-think, I had a piece of fabric with embroidery samples sitting around, I had just been practising different stitches with nothing in mind for the final piece so I used that to make the outer part of the pouch.

Opened flat so you can see all the stitches.

I used bias tape on the raw edges and selected one of the fancy stitches on my machine, I quite like the effect, I have never thought of sewing it on like that before. With wider tape I could use a larger variety of  stitches, I will try and remember for next time.


Thank you!
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