Wednesday 14 March 2012

White Day...

In Japan, girls give boys chocolate on the 14th of Feb and then the boys are supposed to return the favour by giving marshmallows on March 14th. I noticed this year there were not so many fancy marshmallows out on display this year, maybe the sweetie companies have realized the the boys are not really into all this! The two little girls down the road gave Ebi-kun chocolates last month so we needed to make something in return, Ebi-kun decided on white chocolates with sprinkles!

We didn't have any fancy girly type molds so he ended up making dinosaurs, romantic hey? 

We had a full day at the yochien today so we had to leave the dog home alone, it was a bit of a mess when I got back but at least he had tried to do it all on the toilet sheet. Oh yes, and our oven (combo microwave oven thing) died yesterday! It is too old to get repaired so we have had to get a new one but they don't have the model in stock so I am oven less for a couple of weeks!

This week really didn't turn out as I expected, I am taking the dog to meet his new owner Friday morning and then rushing back because it is Ebi-kuns last day and a half day, I had planned to do him a special dinner or lunch but I'm not sure that will happen now, we will see...

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  1. What an interesting Japanese tradition, thanks for sharing. I'm sure the girls loved their dinosaurs!


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