Sunday 29 April 2012

A cultural experience...

So, we did like any normal people would do, we took out Italian friends to a football match! We arrived early and for some reason they had a load of animals to pet?! Ebi-kun was quite taken with the rabbits...

and Gaia was acting like a 32 year old going on 6, there was a lot of silly giggling that I am sure the boys couldn't figure out what we were laughing at - mostly reminiscing of times gone by.

Then we got down to the serious stuff and watched the match, well Gaia and I most chatted. Luca was funny, the typical passionate Italian and he was completely into the game, even thought the day before he had never even heard of either of the teams. I asked Ebi-kun to hold my beer whilst i got my camera out and just look at the little monkey...

After the match Ebi-kun and daddy headed off to eat and go home and I hung out for a bit with Gaia Luca, lots of fun, lots of laughs, it is hard to believe it is 20 years since I lived with her.

I should warn you now, it is Golden Week next week so my blog posts might be all over the place, I might attempt blogging form my new iPhone! or I might not. And apologies to those who commented on the last post, I managed to delete instead of publish aghhhhh. I am not a fan of bloggers new set up, I did answer the question about bicarb of soda though.

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