Friday 20 April 2012

Ebi-kun's art carrier...

Oops! I just realised that I never actually blogged about this and I made it for Ebi-kuns birthday, his last birthday, which was in July! Last year Spoonflower had a fabric design contest for kids and Ebi-kun entered, I ordered some of the fabric but 'forgot' to show him when it arrived. Once he was in bed I got busy making this for his birthday.

I was inspired by the carrier in Meg's Growing Up So Liberated book but for reasons that I can't remember I ended up making it my own way. Inside the covers pieces are hard plastic.

And my favourite part, the pen's pencils and erase/sharpener are all attached with velcro (this idea led me to the fridge velcro pens shown here)

Ebi-kun really likes the fact that it has a handle so he can easily carry it and everyone loves pulling the things off the velcro strip. He has used it outside and taken it on road trips as well as just using it at home.

But the best thing was seeing Ebi-kun's face when he opened his present on his birthday, his first words were 'It's my fabric' 

If you are interested in buying some of his fabric you can get it here and Ebi-kun will get the profits from it, he will be very happy for any purchases as he is currently trying to save enough money to buy some Star Wars Lego!

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