Tuesday 17 April 2012


In the spring break, Ebi-kun received his latest issue of NG Kids magazine and in it was a kit to make a plaster King Tut. I had been planning a month on Nigeria but King Tut trumped it and we ended up in Egypt instead! There was one day in the holidays when I knew I was going to be really busy so the day before I prepared a pile of questions and worksheets so that he could get to work on his own. 

We started off together making the plaster King Tut, once it had dried I left him to his own devices to paint it. 

I didn't make much this time but instead got onto the Internet and printed out a pile of things such as this pyramid box, I printed it on yellow paper, came out great the he made a little mummy to keep inside. I used this hieroglyphics chart to make a quiz and Ebi-kun used it on his work too. I printed the Pharaoh Rules prompt sheet from here and if Ebi-kun has his way, there will be no drinking beer in his land! There are some great Ancient Egypt colouring sheets here. He used The Magic Tree House Mummies and Pyramids resource book, it was lucky I ordered this a while ago!

Ebi-kun worked through the project pretty much unassisted but there were a couple of pages he hadn't finished. Unfortunately, he is like me and if something more interesting comes along I forget to finish the current project, this is what happened to Egypt so yesterday I suggested he finished it off.

The pages he hadn't finished were more about Egypt today so he got out the maps, it is quite a while since he has had the map of Africa out.

I asked him not to pester me while I was working so he went off on his own devices, looking up in Africa in his Most Stupendous Atlas - a great book incidentally!

Then it was to Flags Of The World to find the Egyptian flag and got his Flags of Africa 3 part cards. Although he wasn't supposed to pester me he couldn't resist telling me his exciting facts that he was finding as he was reading through the various books, he also took it upon himself to write his exciting facts down!

I found a great Mummy Making online game and a friend suggested You Tube and Horrible Histories, I wish these had been around when I was a kid, I know some adults don't approve but I am all for making learning fun and interesting and humour is a great way to help remember facts. I found several Horrible Histories songs, I put them all together here.
And well, I have to share his favourite one...


  1. My eldest has just finished a block at school (P3) on Egypt and she LOVED it, they learned the horrible histories songs and performed them at their assembly. It was ruddy brilliant. She was cast as Pharaoh in the assembly and was ad libbing, bossing around her slaves. Anyway, just an aside! Love your blog- it's one of my first stops on my reader everyda, I don't know how you find the time to write it all!

    1. that would be so cool, I think the horrible histories stuff is great!

  2. I just happened to be rereading this National Geographic (a result of living in Japan and not having enough English-language reading material) when I stopped by your blog. Maybe Ebi-kun would enjoy it? http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/11/animal-mummies/williams-text

  3. thank you for popping by, hope to see you again :o)


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