Friday 13 April 2012

Modern Montessori Placemats...

With the Montessori method, children are encouraged to set the table themselves. When Ebi-kun was younger I made him a mat to help him put everything in the right place, he really enjoyed getting out his cutlery and setting his place every meal and snack time. I wanted to make some similar mats but with a more modern feel to them, these were the test run as it were. One side has the table setting and the back has a bright flower design so once the kids are done you can flip the mats over or as your child grows they can try setting their place without the aid of the pictures.

I couldn't decide of my favourite colour way and everyone I had shown them to have picked a different one! I only have one set of each colour way at the moment, the mats, as a set of two are available in the shop and you can use the discount code APRILMATS to get 10%, valid until the end of this month and remember to tell me which set you want when you check out.

So, for research sake, which is your favourite design/colour?


  1. 1 and 5
    (I'm not a fan of pink!)

  2. Ditto to #1 and #5. And while I like #6 as well for the fresh combination of white and yellow, white is like a curry stain magnet.

  3. wow - looks like 1 and 5 win hands down!

  4. My daughter would choose any of the pink ones, but my fave is #1 -there is just something about the gray/yellow combo that I absolutely love :)


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