Wednesday 2 May 2012

art at the zoo...

 I asked Ebi-kun if he would like to sketch some animals when we went to the zoo and he thought it was a good idea so we took the art carry case with us. The zoo was really busy so we had to limit what to draw and where, first up was the Chinese Giant Salamander, which I have to say, is not a good looking beast! Ebi-kun was really taken with the penguins and wanted to draw one of those too, all the penguins have ID tags so we were able to find out that this fellas name was Horace (or something like that!). The lesser panda area was too busy to stop and draw so he did that picture in the car on the way home.
Actually drawing from real life is an important aspect in art so I really think we should do this more often and I would like to get a little water color set that we could add to the art carrier.

So, what is with the flowers? Well, I have finally upgrade my first generation iPhone to the iphone4s. The camera on my old phone was really pants and I wanted to try out the new one, I can't believe the difference! At least I don't need to carry my phone and camera everywhere with me now. The next big dilemma is what kind of case to get for it hmmm...


  1. I have a case from you upload your own photo and it gets printed on the case. It's a little pricey but I'm SO happy with it and it seems to be more durable than a lot of the other print your own type things (which usually end up being stickers or thin plastic rather than the image printed directly onto the case).

  2. Thanks Megan, I will have a look at it. I am tempted by the ones of dazzle too.


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