Thursday 10 May 2012

Boys Day Cake...

Just realised that I forgot to show you this. This started because I saw a gadget a few weeks ago that allowed you to make decorated roll cakes and because  I am me, I decided I could re-create it at home without said gadget! 
It wasn't totally successful, some of my scales came off and I cracked the actual cake, hence the big split down the side but I think with a proper sized roll pan (instead of the square one I used) and a bit of practice I will have the method sorted, until then, I will leave you in suspense on how I did it...

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It tasted great and Ebi-kun was impressed and that is all that really matters. The supermarket had a rather impressive display set up and of course we had to get kashiwa mocha to eat too. The mocha is a chewy rice based product that several people a year choke on and die and inside is sweet bean paste the whole thing is then wrapped in kashiwa leaves (oak leaves). I have grown to like them over the years but they will never be a tasty as a slice of chocolate cake if you ask me.

Ebi-kun is feeling the effects of full days at school, yesterday he was very grumpy (which means he is tired but won't admit to it) and he has started to get homework, just reading for now. We are all slowly adjusting to the new routine and hopefully we will get back on the crafty / project making waggon soon....

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