Saturday 19 May 2012

A good loser?

I recently taught Ebi-kun how to play rummy but one of the problem he has (like most kids I think) is holding the cards, so I was chuffed when I spotted this idea via pinterest. So simple, just get two CD's and some super glue. Put some glue around the centre hole and stick together but make sure there is an offset, if they are completely aligned it will be difficult to put the cards in. If you click through to the post there is a full tutorial.
Once the glue is dry you are ready to play. Genius!

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One thing I won't tolerate is a bad loser, of course losing is crap and no-one wants to lose but I won't stand for tantrums and screaming if someone loses. I used to teach a 9 year old who did just that whenever she lost something in class, it was awful. So when Ebi-kun got to that point where he understood winning and losing, maybe about 3 or 4 we introduced 'good sportsmanship'. Whenever we play a game, the loser has to shake hands with the winner and congratulate them in the same vein the winner has to say commiserations to the loser. The winner is allowed to celebrate (usually with a happy dance) but not allowed to gloat.

Ebi-kun has got to the point where he is really competitive so having this really helps, even though there are sometimes tears and sulks generally the good sportsman rule works a treat. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for encouraging good sportsmanship, please share in the comments.


  1. Excellent idea! My 8year old has loved card games from a young age, mainly UNO, which I loved as a kid. She would have a tanty if she lost (and I never let her win...ok, maybe once) but if she started whining, game was packed up and I'd refuse to play again. Now she is so good I have a tanty when I lose haha.

  2. We have something similar, not a rule per se, but I always stress the "good sport" aspect and remind her that that's how games are. Winners are not allowed to brag either. And I always remind her that we can always try again, try harder, be proud of our friend who won, etc. It's worked so far, but she's only 3. We'll see what happens when she joins team sports.

  3. I have the same problem as your son .. they taught me when I was little so I learned better atenrele cards

  4. I love the good sportsmanship rule! Something I will definitely try to introduce to my children as they grow up.

    Love the card holder! Something to remember!

    At the moment we are working on using words to ask to use something or tell someone something instead of say, pushing your little brother off the red car because you want a turn or stealing whatever he is playing with because you have decided YOU want it. Or pushing your brother over because he touched your lego. Please don`t touch and my turn next please etc- it is taking awhile though! LOL

  5. Heh. We always had "1st winner", "2nd winner", "3rd winner" etc in our family with the older ones. Littlest isn't quite ready for most games yet, but he's getting there...


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