Monday 14 May 2012

My head might implode!

I want you to imagine a place full or artists, dancers, musicians, crafters, designers, steam punkers, glass blowers, jewelry designers, paper makers, potters, candle makers, soap makers throw in a good handful of  people in costume and a good sprinkling of nutters put them all under one roof in one of the coolest cities in the world and what do you have?

Design Festa!

This time last year was just a couple of months after the quake and it wasn't nearly as busy as yesterday, the stalls were sold out and there was creativity oozing from every section of the hall. I always enjoy watching the amazing creative live artists at work. Ebi-kun always likes looking out for the 'strange people' as he calls them, people in costume that is, yesterday there were plenty about and daddy ebi always enjoys sampling the imported real ale!

top left: photographer HAGIRI,
bottom right: Tawianese Artist Mr.Ogay

I don't have all the info to credit all the pictures I took, I have no idea who the yellow and green fellas are but Ebi-kun thought it was hysterical that their noses pulled off. What bemuses me that people people hand out their cards but then the web info on it is wrong, surely if you are there to network at least make sure your card info is up to date!
Anyway... there is an amazing array of handmade goodness going on, too much maybe, I can never decide what to buy and usually end up buying nothing - and regretting it by the time I get home.

top left: doop top right: glass asobi tom
bottom left: candy fish

There are a few stalls which I didn't think were suitable for Ebi-kun so we steered him away from there and there was a lot of just weird and wonderful stuff too which left you thinking why? or how? Art that makes you think!

top right Junklaw

I also love meeting lovely artists such as Chiaki, take a look at those pictures just above her head, they are silhouettes  but also beautiful fish. She explained that they are made using wax crayon then painted with black on top and then you scrap away the black. Something I did many times as a child and have done with Ebi-kun but she takes it to a whole new level.

Ebi-kun was drawn to any stall that had people showing off their skills such as the hanko maker and the woman carving a water melon - might have to try my hand at that which they come into season. And as if all that isn't enough there were also live performances ranging from fashion shows to dance inside and a rock stage outside

All in all it was a great day but my head was banging when I got home, too much creative stimulation in one go I think! 
So, what got your creative juices flowing this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome day out!! Very dangers. I'd come home with ten pairs of earings, key holders, a new inkan and a watermelon probably. Wouldn't mind trying my hand at watermelon carving either. I imagine I'd make a complete hash of it but I can at least cut it in half and fill it with vodka at the end of it.


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