Monday 18 June 2012

the day that wasn't...

It was father's day here in Japan yesterday, I'm not sure if it is the same day for the rest of the world or whether it is like Mother's day which seems to be held on different days depending on where you are. Anyway, it all started out well, we had a nice breakfast of crumpets and fresh fruit and Ebi-kun gave daddy his presents - a home made book about daddy and a new coffee filter thing.
We decided that we would have a day out and go to the science museum in Odaiba which is almost 2 hours away by train. 

So, we got on the local train and a few stops along Ebi-kun says he feels sick, so we get off the train, he has gone white as a sheet so we leave the station and sit down for a while until he is feeling a bit better. He doesn't feel like getting on the train again so we walk down the road to the lotus farm, I figured the fresh air would do him good.

It was already getting on for 10am by the time we got there so there was only one flower still open, you need to be there early to see all the flowers.

We spent some time looking for turtles and other interesting bugs, it is actually a great place to go to catch zarigani (crayfish) but of course we hadn't got any equipment with us.

Ebi-kun thought it was a lot of fun to move the leaves with water in them, he was trying to get the water to jump from one leaf to the next. As we left the guy at the farm gave us info about when the farm is officially open and the best times to see the flowers, we will have to go back in a couple of weeks time and take zarigani catching equipment with us.

So, we headed back home.... what we did next will have to wait until tomorrow, too much for one post!

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