Wednesday 27 June 2012

Latest edition of Action Pack is out!

As you probably know, I love this magazine, it is always packed with great projects and ideas and easily laid out for kids to understand. Although it is aimed at a slightly higher age group than Ebi-kun we still get a lot out of it, it just means I have to be a little more hands on.

This issue is packed with great recipes and little snippets of information about the ingredients. Since Ebi-kun has started school it has taken a while to find our new rhythm, what we are doing now is after school, twice a week he has play dates with his friends. Once a week we cook together, sometimes he picks the recipe, sometimes we try something new or I will decide depending on what is in the fridge. The other two days are for projects of some description, this seems to be working for us at the moment.

With the new Action Pack we have another 30 recipes to add into the mix, I wonder what Ebi-kun will want to try out first?

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  1. Please post about your projects when you do them - I would love to read all about it!
    The other day, you asked about homework. My First Grader has homework twice a week. Tue and Fri. (I find it a bit odd - why not Mon thru Thu and weekends off?) He gets a big A3 size paper with hiragana writing practice on one side and math on the other. In the middle of the paper is a space for my signature to prove that he also read two pages from his kokugo textbook.
    My Fourth Grader creates her own weekly homework schedule/plan which is signed off from the teacher. In theory, this is a beautiful way to encourage independent thinking and foster a desire to learn what interests you. Sadly, I find that if I don't keep a strict eye on her so called "homework plan" DD tends to write things like "piano practice" or "practice the baton" or "help Mommy in the kitchen" - which the teacher okays!! GRRR!!!


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