Sunday 3 June 2012

Make them fall in love part IV

Here we are, Part IV of this mini bloggy series. Here are Part I, Part II and Part III.

One of the questions I got which started these series was 'How can I increase my readership' and well, there isn't just one answer, hence the whole series! You need to have quality content, you need to share (don't just write about me, me, me), your blog needs to look good so that when a random person clicks through they are more likely to stay and if they like it so much, sign up for your email list/RSS feed there and then.

So, now you have your blog looking all fine and dandy you need to get readers to the blog, there are many ways to do this but here are a few to get you going...

Quality content
If you posts are badly written, irrelevant or just downright boring, no one is going to want to come back plus no one is going to want to share what you have written. I know I have said this before, but it is important!

Share, share, share
Share your knowledge, share your finds, share information, share your recipes, share your thoughts, share your hobbies, share what ever is relevant to the theme of your blog and encourage your blog readers to share your content too. Other bloggers are more likely to share your content if you are going to do the same for them.

Using social media tools such as Facebook or twitter, connect with other bloggers, leave useful comments of other peoples posts, if there is something you love, tell them, if something was helpful, tell them. Bloggers do read their comments and they do notice those who comment on a regular basis, use this to build up a relationship. Once you have a relationship it is much easier to ask about guest posting etc.

Listen to your readers
Sometimes you write what you think is an amazing post and you get no feedback, it is like a kick in the ribs, other times you put up a post that had no special content - or so you thought and the comments come flooding in. Listen to what your readers have to say and make a point to answer any questions or queries.

Keep it consistent
When I started out I blogged a couple of times a week and slowly it build up to everyday (I actually schedule some posts so I am not sitting here every day!). Last year, after the quake I was writing far more posts because I was putting information out there as I came across it but it was exhausting. Those big blogs that post 15 times a day - they do that with a team of writers and the recycle posts from their archives, us one-man shows can't keep up with that. So, decide how many times you will post a week and stick to it, I decided a while ago that I would try and post every day and here I am!

There are a lot of other ways to increase traffic to your blog, but it is not just traffic you want, you want people to hang about and come back for me, he is a list of ideas to get you going...
  • share, share, share
  • get featured (guest blog) on a bigger blog
  • invite guests on your blog
  • join blog hops
  • join up with other bloggers and write a blog series between you (driving traffic from one blog to the next)
  • if you still have a small blog join some weekly linkys. I usually join the Muffin Tin Meal linky. 
  • once you have a following then run your own linky.
  • run a contest or giveaway (great info on how to at Superlucky)
  • organise a swap
  • write useful comments on other peoples blogs
  • build up relationships with other bloggers especially those at the same level & interest as your own.
  • join online communities where you share the same audience.
  • make sure your email tagline has your blog address in it
  • make sure all your social media sites have a link to your blog
  • make bloggy business cards to give to new people you meet.
  • make good use of pinterest but don't just pin your own stuff pin lots of other peoples things too.
  • when someone makes a comment be sure to reply
  • use social media and spread your content around BUT make sure that your tweets for example are not all 'read my post' tweets or you will lose followers.
  • install Google analytics and check where your readers are coming from. Pinterest drives the most traffic to my blog at the moment but it wouldn't if my photos were rubbish!
  • give credit where credit is due and link to other peoples blogs and posts.
  • survey your readers
  • invite readers to comment and express their opinions
  • be consistent, in your posts, in your social media networking, in answering questions and comments.
I think that just about wraps it up, if you have found this mini series helpful please share it with your friends, family, Facebook pals, twitter followers, next-door neighbours dog. I would love to hear your feedback, pop it in a comment below.

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  1. Yet another helpful post! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Blog-businesscards are very good to get new readers here in Switzerland, because Blog reading ist just starting here.


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