Friday 1 June 2012

MT tape T-shirts

Another fashion post? A tad more sensible than the last one. I spotted new T-shirts in Uniquo the other day, they have teamed up with MT, the company that is responsible for the sudden trend in cute washi or paper tape. There are several designs and styles and you get a free roll of tape when you buy a T-shirt, the tape design is a surprise. I was hoping for spots but I got flowers!

MT tape is a great addition for the craft box, it is perfect for kids because it can be ripped, you don't need to use scissors and it can be used for a whole host of ideas. Plus is comes in so many cool and funky designs, playing with tape has never been so much fun! I have used it for the mini books in boxes and the manuals that I made for the creative writing department but there are so many other ways to use it...

washi streets

washi party cups

washi vase
washi lightshade

There are plenty more ideas over on my pinterest board! Do you use MT/washi tape? What do you use it for?

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  1. i'm using al lot mt tape at the moment. to put pictures on the wall. wrap gift's. doing branches for a window picture. using black tape for mustaches (children playing disguise).


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