Tuesday 26 June 2012

New Friends and Partnerships..

A few weeks back I signed up for an online business course, now Ebi-kun is at school I feel it is the time to make a proper commitment and really push my little business to the next level. I also had a killer business idea but knew I would need help implementing it. The course is run by Marie Forleo, she is amazing and inspiring and takes no crap, just the kind of person I needed to help me make this work. What I didn't realize when I signed up, was that I would be connecting and making friends with loads of cool new people and what was even more surprising was that there are about 10 of us in Japan.

So, us Japan babes started our own little group and on Sunday we had our first meet up. We went to The Brown Rice cafe in Harajuku, the front of the shop sells essential oils and the such like and the cafe is at the back.

Now I have somewhere to take veggie friends when they come to visit, being a vegetarian in Japan is not easy! The food was really tasty, although I wasn't fussed on the matcha jelly stuff that was for desert.

Sadly, two of the Tokyo members couldn't make it but I am sure we will get together next time and we had 'special guests' Natasha and her husband who were over here visiting. Natasha went through the program last year so all us newbies had someone to fire lots of questions at!
We spent most of the time talking about our businesses and how the course has helped so far, swapping stories, ideas and resources. It was really good to connect with others struggling with the same things and encouraging each other on how to get through it.

After lunch a few of us headed up to the farmers market, I was surprised how many organic and health shops there were at that Aoyama end of Omotesando. We chatted some more then everyone headed off in different directions, I went to check out Crayon House, next time I have Ebi-kun with me and we are in the area we will be going back there for sure. Then I just headed back home. I can't manage to go through Harajuku without taking a random picture or two...

I got back and dinner was cooked, Ebi-kun has decided he wanted to make macaroni cheese (from scratch) with daddy, I'm not sure daddy was happy about it and Ebi-kun was complaining that "Daddy doesn't listen to me" lol. However they got on, the dinner was lovely, I might have to do this more often!
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