Monday 23 July 2012

A Star Wars Party For A Seven Year Old..

Well, an almost seven year old, Ebi-kun will be 7 next Sunday but we had his party early because some of our friends leave this week for the summer. This will be a photo heavy post and I will do another post with the explanations of what I made and how...

Saturday was wet and miserable so we were praying that the weather would clear up for Sunday, it did thankfully so we started off with lunch (we didn't want the food sitting out so it would spoil). We did it as pot luck and had some great dishes such as The Dark Side Pizza, Wookie Cookies, Han (and cheese) Solo Butties all washed down with Yoda Soda - Refresh you, it will.

Now, normally I make a cake but because it is hot we have to leave it at home and my husband has to do a run home and pick it up when we are ready to eat. This year I decided on something different... watermelon! and In Japan they have a tradition called suicawari, which is basically, beat a watermelon with a big stick until it breaks. In the morning I carved it into the Death Star, we sang happy birthday and they beat it up! It was good to see kids tucking into a whole load of watermelon instead of cake.

Next up was Padawan Training, the young Padawan were split into 3 groups and had a Jedi master to guide them. First they had a treasure hunt, I had taken close up photos of things around the park so they had to find what it was and write it down.

Next up, they had to capture of of the strange creatures (crayfish) and bring it back to Jedi Jo

Finally, they had to climb through the wall without setting off the bells and then they were awarded a lightsaber

And led me to shout one of the strangest things I have ever told a bunch of kids to do...

" Now go over there and fight!"

Fight they did, the dads of course had to get involved, the girls were getting into it too. Now, you would have thought that was enough violence for one party but no, there was more...

The Death Star piñata that I had worked on all week.

So, yes more swinging of bats, misses and giggling. Sadly it fell off the string so they ended up kicking it around, which is what we usually do.

Once it split the usual chaos ensued, the bottom picture the big kids are sharing with M-chan who didn't get anything, they were all trying to palm off the pink candies onto her!

The battles then continued into the pool, it wasn't so hot but warm enough to paddle and splash around in, in fact we all agreed it was better that it being a roasting hot day.

Ebi-kun got a Bear Grylls book from the group - we decided a few years ago that it was better for the parents of the birthday child to buy a book and present it as if it is from the playgroup rather than exchanging gifts. I prefer it this way, there is no expectation of piles of presents and it is less stress for the parents too.

Here are the Jedi graduates, ready for another battle no doubt! It was great fun, the kids were all exhausted (me too) and we got to hang out with old friends before they leave again. It was boy heavy, most of the older girls have left so poor N-chan gets a bit fed up with having to put up with all the boys. 

So, I will do another post with my resources and how-to's, I will make a cake for Ebi-kun's actual  birthday on Sunday so I think I will wait until I have done that then put it all together for you. If you have an questions pop them in the comments section and I will make sure to answer them in the how-to post.

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  1. Another excellent b-day party, Jo! Can't wait for the follow up posts.

  2. I love all the attention to detail. what an amazing time they must have had! And great idea to get the food out of the way, then they can concentrate on having fun! and LOVE the idea of the present, something the kid really wants, and a saving of money for everyone else!

    1. it works really well and the kids get a book that is suitable, I always get Ebi-kun something he can keep for a long time.

  3. Looks like Ebi-kun had a fab time! Successful party!

    I like the present idea as well- last year I had a joint birthday party for my boys {2 & 1} and they are born Dec/Jan so close to Christmas so when asked about present ideas I said that they really did not want anything but if wanted to get something then to buy a book to add to their library.

    1. that's a great idea, a couple of my relatives now buy books via the book depository so they don't have to worry about shipping costs.

  4. awesomeness - I love Ebi-kun as an Ewok. Super cute. And that pinata - wow. You are amazing. And I BET smashing a watermelon had them in smiles for longer than the ten seconds 'wow, what a cool cake' thing before it gets eaten. Must remember that :)

    1. there were a couple of sulky faces because EVERYONE wanted to be the one that smashed it, funny how it was the only big girl that did the smashing - maybe she was sending a subliminal message to the boys lol. It was a lot less stress for me to do the suica too! and I am ALL for that.


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