Monday 16 July 2012

bubble snakes....

I have seen this on several blogs and popping up all over Pinterest and so I'm not sure who started the craze so giving credit is difficult but a big thank you to whoever it was. 

This is incredibly easy to make. Cut the bottom off a PET bottle then either pull a sock or cut a piece of sock to cover the bottom, and hold it in place with tape. To make the snakes use washing up liquid and a bit of water in a bowl, dip in the blower and blow... and then collapse into a fit of giggles, M-chan looks like she is going to pee herself!

The kids played with this for well over an hour and would have played longer if they had more time. We also ended up with several other kids from the street wanting to have a go. Baby T-kun and baby M-chan loved just playing with the bubbles, it was a bit windy so they were blowing all over the place too adding to the excitement.

So if your kids say that dreaded 'I'm bored', first get them to do some cleaning... I find that usually fixes the problem! and then make them some snake blowers.

I should say that we did try with coloured bubble solution too but it ended up staining the kids T-shirts so I don't recommend it and really, they were having so much fun they didn't need the added colour.

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