Monday 2 July 2012

meatballs and reunions....

I don't know about you but we had a rather busy weekend. We were invited to a friends house for a BBQ and they happen to live near to Ikea so we decided to drop by there first. Of course, as you know, you can never just 'pop in' to Ikea. We got there just before lunch time so we nipped in to the restaurant before it got too busy, of course meatballs were the order of the day! 

Then we set out to buy what we needed, I knew where we needed to go upstairs, just the bedroom section so we were a bit cheeky and went round backwards. Of course that didn't happen downstairs and we managed to come out with 3 bags full of stuff that we *really* needed! The marketing at that place is brilliant, although my husbands wallet doesn't agree. Ebi-kun enjoyed doing the self service checkout at the end.

Then we went over to our friends place, it was perfect weather and great to see everyone. I taught all but H-kun at the Montessori Farm and they haven't been all together since the just before the big earthquake. One of the families had already planned to leave for America and we had a leaving party planned for them the weekend of the earthquake which meant that was cancelled and it was sad they had to leave before we could all say goodbye. What was amazing was that within minutes they were all playing together as if they only seen each other the week before.

I love the above picture of them all, one to get printed out I think. The one below looks like they are in a gambling den or something. Jack has a BBQ smoker thing, I'm not sure of the technical name  but the food was great, the company was great and the kids all had a great time too.

Did you get up to anything exciting over the weekend?

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  1. Looks like a really good weekend. :-)

  2. Hi Jo, thank you for posting the picture. I was so happy to see children again!! :-)

    1. Hey Yasuyo, someone always asks about you when we get together, hope you are keeping well xx

  3. Will be back in Japan at the end of Sep for 10 days:-) I will be in Tokyo for a few days at least, so hope we can meet up!! Miss you a lot. xxx, Yausyo

    1. great! let me know when you have sorted out your plans xx


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