Tuesday 3 July 2012

The First Football Tournament...

Sunday was another busy day, we had the weekly shop to do and then drive down to Urawa for Ebi-kun's first football tournament. There were 6 teams playing and they were supposed to be under 8's but I am rather skeptical because some of the kids were really big! 

Each game was 8 minutes long, they played every team and then there were 3 final games to decide the ranking. It was the first time our team have played in a proper match and they didn't do that well, they did manage to score 1 goal and they did get better each game they played, even though the boys were disappointed it was a good experience for them. It started raining half way through so they were soaked by the end of it too!

Then yesterday Ebi-kun came home with a broken umbrella, one of the kids in his class had broken it, trying to turn it inside out! I was not impressed and doubly not impressed that it was the kid that I don't like. A couple of hours after school I get a phone call from said kids mom asking if it was OK to come round and apologize, which they did, bringing a new brolly and cake! Of course, we graciously accepted (through gritted teeth) and just to annoy me more, the mother did all the apologizing and the kid only apologized (flippantly) when told to do so by his mom. His mom then went on to ask me to teach her kids English - ha, she wouldn't be able to afford what I would charge for teaching her brat even if I did teach English! It's not really the kids fault, it comes down to bad parenting.

And then, more excitement...Ebi-kun told me they have a new kid in class who is also 'hafu' and has come from America. I suspect they put him in Ebi-kun's class so that he can help the new kid if he needs it. I think that he has come for a few weeks of immersion study, Ebi-kun wasn't sure if they have moved here or just come for the summer, his mission today is to find out more!

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  1. The games sounds like a good experience for them. Too bad about the kid with the umbrella, I wouldn't want to teach her kids either.

    1. jus our luck, of all the kids in the neighbourhood that I didn't want in Ebi-kun class, it was him - can't pick you classmates I suppose!


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