Sunday 8 July 2012

Viking Boy...

Vikings are all the rage again in this house! We have just finished reading How To Train Your Dragon and it is completely different to the film (which we also love). It led to many discussions on why they made the film differently.
Ebi-kun already had a viking hat in his dressing up box, thank you ¥100 store! but he wanted an ax and shield to go with it. The ax is a cling film card tube middle and a piece of card slotted together then I covered the ax head with silver sticky tape - if you are in Japan, I used the tape that is for tapping down the foil splash sheet you put behind your stove. I don't fry things very often so we don't have one and I had no idea that was what the foil tape was for until hubby explained. 

The shield was easy too, Ebi-kun found two things to draw round and then I cut the card. He knew what kind of design he wanted so I showed his how to mark the card to make it easier to paint, we basically just drew 'slices' on the card. He painted it with acrylic, blue and green then painted the small cycle dark silver to look like metal. Stuck the small circle on to the top of the big one then put a coat of varnish all over. I forgot to take a picture of the back but it is just a strip of card held on with duct tape.

One very happy scary, dangerous viking boy!

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  1. What a fantastic shield! Next he needs this on his own coat of arms.

    1. oh, he already has that, we made a card shield years ago, it is a little battered now but still going strong


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