Thursday 19 July 2012

What to do when the weather turns bad?

Of course, you head up the nearest mountain to an OPEN AIR museum! The drive up was quite hairy, with narrow windy roads, not as hairy as a certain bus ride to the jungle in Bolivia but that is a whole different story. They did have a Miffy exhibit on, so we took a look at that before venturing outside.

It had some great interactive pieces, like this one.. I'm not sure who is having more fun, Ebi-kun or daddy!

Then we headed out, it wasn't raining but we were in the clouds, it did make some of the pieces of art more mystical.

A BIG thumbs up became the 'thing' of the weekend, you can see why here...

A lot of the work was done by the same artists at the open air museum in Hakone and I am sure on a sunny day, many of the pieces would take on a different appearance. As you can see, we looked very stylish in our raincoats, my starry coat was a gift from Di, it arrived just in time, thanks Di xx

They had an indoor room with climbing equipment for the kids and some craft activities, we didn't sign up for that though. This was one of my favourite pieces, her skirt moves around in the wind.

We only managed one half of the museum and decided to go for lunch to thaw out a bit, the weather cleared a bit whilst we ate so we got to have a good look at the view, when your head is not stuck in a cloud, it is really beautiful.

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