Monday 20 August 2012

How a change of medium can encourage creativity

We do painting quite often but I admit we tend to stick to acrylic but the other day we got out the water colours. We started off by practising some different techniques such as blending the colours as we painted in circles.

We also tried sprinkling salt of the wet paint to see what would happen

Then Ebi-kun decided he wanted to paint an actual picture, he is really proud of this one. He says..

The blue is the mountains and the red is the sunset sky and the white at the top of the mountains are the clouds hanging around (like the ones we saw in Nagano Mommy) then I used salt on the red to get a nice cloud effect.

Changing the medium also seemed to change the subject for the painting so if your kids or yourself even seems to be stuck in a rut, try swapping what you work with for something new and see what happens.
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