Wednesday 8 August 2012

How to help kids make a stop motion animation...

A while ago I download the free Lego animation app that was released to go with the super heroes Lego. Yesterday we actually got round to using it. We don't have any super hero Lego but we do have plenty of ninja Lego so a ninja fight it would be.

The app is very easy to use and has a handy grid and onion skin so there isn't too much shaking of the camera. I ended up holding the camera (iPhone) as Ebi-kun set up the shots. I think we took about 80 frames and the finished piece is only 23 seconds long, it is a good lesson for kids to learn how long these stop motion animations take to make.

It was a two person job really so if you have two kids I think you could keep them quiet for quite some time :o)

Of course this isn't the first time Ebi-kun has tried his hand at stop motion, he did a Montessori style video when he was four, I will re-post it just in case you missed it first time round..

Do you have a favourite app for entertaining the kids? Please share in the comments section..

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  1. if he has a tripod at his disposal he could do it by himself. :)

    1. The tripod works with the camera but not with the iPhone, so the tripod is me!

  2. Have a load of different apps so that one or the other is always fascinating for the kiddo. The current favourites are Brave and Dragonvale, but there will be new ones soon!


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