Thursday 30 August 2012

How to keep a 7 year old quiet for hours....

Ebi-kun used some of his money from Obon to buy himself a dino excavation kit, he as had a small version before and really enjoyed doing it so he was very excited to get one with his won money. The bones are set in a block of plaster of paris and before we did the digging outside but it has been far too hot so I said he could do it indoors. It is very messy/dusty though and because he had a bit of a cough I made him wear a mask when he was doing it.

Took him two days about 6 hours in all to dig all the bits out - which gave me a nice chunk of time to catch up on work! Ebi-kun and daddy and some one on one time in the morning and put all the pieces together, money well spent I think!

If I can make space in the freezer I might pull it apart when he is not looking and freeze the pieces in a tub of water so he can do it again, like the ice treasure boxes - but that will have to be done outside!

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