Friday 7 September 2012

How colouring mixing can teach patience...

I think we now live in a time where we expect instant results to everything, we expect instant replies to emails and text messages and we often choose quick fixes over working at something over a period of time. So when it come to doing craft and projects with Ebi-kun, I like to throw in some patience testing projects.
This one I totally stole from Chasing Cheerios and although it was a slow project, it was fun.

What you need:
6 glasses
Red, blue and yellow food colour (I used Wilton gel)
Water in a jug
Something to mix with
6 sheets of kitchen paper

Pour water into the 6 glasses, the three that will be plain water need less than the coloured water, took me a while to future that out!
Add colour to three of the glasses so you have a red, a yellow and a blue glass and mix well. Then place the glasses in a ring as shown below.

Fold the kitchen paper in half then half again to make a long strip. Link each glass with a strip of kitchen paper to make a ring.

Sit and watch. This was about an hour after we put it together in the morning....

This was dinner time, as you can see the colour hadn't moved much. That is when I realised that the plain water glasses should have less water in them, so I removed a bit of the water.

This was the following morning, Ebi-kun was the first downstairs, I could here him shouting 'it worked'. Not only had the colors travelled along the kitchen paper it had also mixed in the plain water glasses, so they were now purple, orange and green.

We wondered what to do with the kitchen paper, we decided to put it on a big sheet of paper to dry.

Which gave us even more beautiful results! Now I am wishing I had used a piece of fabric instead!

And the kitchen paper... we scrunched them up to make pretty roses....

Ebi-kun is now old enough to predict and deduce results but he was still surprised when he saw the secondary colours in the glasses, I must admit, I enjoyed doing this too!

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  1. that would make GORGEOUS fabric! You could do it again!
    You probably could use fabric dyes, but that would get pretty messy.


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