Sunday 23 September 2012

Inspiration Sunday - With Joanna Byrne

When I started this business course a few months ago, I never dreamt that I would be able to have real life meetings with some of my fellow students. Not only that, they are all lovely too, not a nut-job between them! (not including myself) So, this week we have moved from NY to Tokyo (via Ireland), I'd like you to met a fellow mastermind, Joanna...

Can you tell us a bit about yourself 

Yes! I'm and Irish woman, living in Tokyo. I grew up in Ireland, we moved around a little while I was growing up, so I got to spend a few years in a few different parts of the country - mostly west of the Shannon though, so I must admit, that is where my heart is :) I lived and worked in Dublin for about 9 years before coming to Tokyo. I worked in Senior Management in the Higher Education industry and loved it. Teaching and learning have always been passions of mine. In addition to keeping myself busy with courses over the years, I always had a finger in some training or teaching pie. I love facilitating workshops or classes, and helping people learn new skills. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a face light up when something clicks with them. As I said, my background is in management too, and was always interested in learning new styles. I trained as a Coach in 2008 to primarily use it in management, but I also kept a small private practice. It's a fantastic tool, both in the management setting and in the personal development setting. 

I came to Japan in March of this year. I left my job, my friends and family and followed my heart to Tokyo. Himself had been here a while, and we decided to take a leap of faith and move us both here. So far so good! 

What do you like the most about living here?

Convenience! It's an odd one, you might think... but everything is so well set up here. Trains nearly always run on time, it's super easy to get around, there is always a store open close-by no matter what time of day or night, everything is packaged in a super easy to open wrapper and comes complete with straw/chopsticks/spoon or whatever other utensil you might require. The Japanese have convenience down to a T!

Anything you don’t like?

There are a lot of people in Tokyo so space is at a premium. Coming from Ireland, where there is lots of space, and greenery, I find that those are some of the things I miss most. Mind you, conveniently, there are lots of beautiful mountain areas within an hour of Tokyo by train, so I can get my fix when I need it. 

Can you tell us more about your job, what exactly do you do?

I'm a fully accredited Life & Business Coach. I help people with many issues relating to change, success, decision-making and confidence to name a few, whether thats in their professional or their personal lives. I've been doing it since 2008, using it both in my management roles and in private practice. I recently got myself certified in Confidence Coaching, as I found it was something that clients came back to time and time again. Confidence and self-belief are foundation blocks for success in so many aspects of our lives! Since moving to Tokyo, I have put my coaching practice online, and work with clients over Skype. I offer one-time intensives or longer coaching contracts. 

Deciding to take that leap of faith for love was a turning point in my life. I had a successful career in management, but always wanted to do more of the one-to-one coaching work. I love it! Moving to Tokyo provided me with an opportunity to take my part-time practice and grow it online. 

So, who do you usually work with? Who are your usual clients?

Oh that's a big question :) There are no 'usual cleints' in this work! Everyone is unique. Very often, however, I find my clients are those who are dealing with a change in their life, whether that is personal or professional, and are looking for coaching support through that change. For example, I have had clients who have just been promoted and engage in coaching to help them step up, and also clients who want help fighting off the negative self-talk and replacing it with a more confident support thought process. 

And do you do this in person or online or over the phone? How does it all work?

Technology is amazing these days! It's super easy to set up. We can do it via Skype or on the phone, whichever works best for the client. We can both be anywhere in the world and still 'meet' for a powerful coaching session. 

Finally, the special question from Ebi-kun... What is you favourite food in Japan and what is your favourite food from home?

Grrrreat question! I love Okonomiyaki. That stuff is the business! Mmnn... As for Ireland, a good plate of bacon and cabbage is my favourite - yummy!

Thank you Joanna, if you want to know more, you can ask her a question here or go and check out her website etc.

Website: joanna byrne coaching

Facebook: The Coaching Spring
Twitter: joannambyrne

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