Monday 3 September 2012

The Boy In The Bubble...

It was back to school this morning for Ebi-kun although it is only a half day, I have to go and pick him up after the earthquake drill. So Saturday, we decided to go out since it was the last weekend of the holidays, we headed into Tokyo to go to the Science Museum. It is the first time we have been to this one. There are 5 floors and the 5th floor is great, loads of hands on stuff to do.

In fact, I would say it is worth going, just for the 5th floor, we definitely spent the most time up there. I was a bit disappointed that there was a general lack of explanation on most of the experiments, it was a good job both myself and hubby have a background in engineering!

This was cool, making a giant bubble you can stand in. There were also demonstrations on all the floors, run by the staff, they had a schedule of what was going on and some of them you needed to pay for.

Ebi-kun liked the 2nd floor where they had lots of cars and a motorbike to 'ride', hubby was into seeing the insides of cars and all that jazz, by this point I was getting bored, each to their own! If you do go, I recommend taking your own food, we ate at the canteen and although the food was edible, it wasn't great.

It was a fun day out, quite a trek for us to get there so I'm not sure if we will go back anytime soon. We did have an amusing incident on the train home. Ebi-kun and I were watching Bear Grylls clips on YouTube and the woman next to Ebi-kun was watching over his shoulder, I seriously thought she was going the throw up after watching the one where he eats live rhino larva! I can't imagine what she went home and told her family about the strange foreigner on the train!

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  1. Love Ebi kun's hair! Looks like a nice day! (sorry for lurking so long...)

  2. We did the bubble thing at the Denver Children's Museum last summer! LOVE science museums :D


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