Tuesday 18 September 2012

What I am in love with right now...

My new bag! I made one of these monk style bags a few years ago and sadly the fabric had all started to fray and I had a pen leaking disaster so I thought it was about time I made a new one. It actually took me longer to decide which fabric to use than it did to make it!
It is roughly based on the pattern from the Purl Bee but, I made the strap longer. The way they do the pocket is a right faff so I cut mine the same width as the centre section, hemmed the top, pressed the bottom edge under and sewed it to the centre section. The inside has the same pocket too but I also sewed a vertical line so it would make 2 smaller pockets. When you construct the bag the edges of the pockets are caught in the same seam as the centre sections, so much easier!

The main fabric is by Echino, the pocket is by Auntie Cookie, I only have scraps of it left now :o( and the inside is red polka dot canvas. Now I can happily leave the house again - it is a bit embarrassing when people know that you sew and the bag you are carrying is falling apart!

It was a 3 day holiday weekend here but other than bag making and weather experiments we haven't done anything exciting. Ebi-kun still has a cough and it is wearing him down, back to the doc we go today. I had a dodgy stomach over the weekend and daddy Ebi was away, not much fun all round.

Having a new bag makes up for it!
I am most definitely a across the chest bag carrying type of gal, shoulder bags drive me nuts because they always fall off my shoulder and handbags, you know, ones you have to actually carry in your hand, don't get me started on those!

What kind of bag person are you? Do you have a prefer style or make?

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  1. Definately over the shoulder! I think when you have kids you need to hands free, saying that even before babies I never liked to hold bags either.....it surprises me when i see people here with small babies holding these tiny bags, dont know how they do it.....mybe baby bags could be your next business? xxx

  2. Cross body! I have to use my hands too much for shoulder bags because they always fall off. I have enough other stuff to carry that I hate hand bags/clutches too.

  3. Love your monk bag! Thanks for the tips on how you improved the style, and thanks also to the link to the original pattern. My fav tote style, which I cut down a little shorter and use as my daily purse is the 241 Tote, by noodlehead (aka Anna Graham). It's so popular there's even a Flickr group for it.

    1. I actually found the instructions over there quite confusing but it is worth it because it is so comfy to carry and once you have it figured out it doesn't take that long to make.

  4. Love the black and red contrast.

    backpack or messenger bag worn so it sits at the back. Both are large size as I seem unable o leave the house with less than is needed for a three day hike. Even now my kids are independent!

    1. lol. my husband complains about the amount of crap I manage to carry around, he thinks I should use a smaller bag so I can't get as much in it!


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