Wednesday 24 October 2012

Halloween Fun - Inflatable Bin Bag Ghosts...

We have our Halloween party at the weekend and I wanted to test this out beforehand, so I made one for the boys to try out yesterday. 

This is really simple to make. Lay two bin bags out flat on the floor, tuck the opening of one bag into the other. Tape the edges using gaffer/duck tape, make sure all the edges are sealed so the air can't escape.

Draw on your spooky face using permanent marker. 

Cut a small hole at the bottom end of the ghost, it needs to be big enough to put the mouth of your hair-dryer in. Turn the hair-dryer on (use the cool setting) and fill up the bag. Once it is fully inflated, remove the hair-dryer and twist the corner, secure with a bit more tape. Done.

Take it outside and listen for the squeals of delight from the crazy kids in the street! I am hoping to set up some kind of course that the kids have to take their ghost through or have some kind of team race for the party.

The boys did eventually burst poor ghosty! But it was a quick and cheap way to entertain them for a while and of course it helps me retain my reputation as the crazy gaijin on the street! I'm sure with different coloured bags you could make no end of cute inflatables.

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  1. This is inspired! I will be paying homage to you and blatantly copying!


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