Wednesday 17 October 2012

I'm going to be on a chat show!

That's right, how scary and exciting is that? I will be interviewed by the lovely Katie Adler who is a voice over artist (if you are in Japan you will probably recognise her voice), she works for NHK and she runs English With Katie

When you click this link you will be taken to this page

About 10 minutes before the show starts, log on and click 'listen in' in the box on the top left. You will be taken to this page....

Now you can decide if you want to listen via the web or by Skype/phone call. If you click 'Listen Via Web' the page will show you a box, just press play. If you click 'Listen Via Phone/Skype' just follow the instructions. For Skype there is a little video - dead easy to follow along. If you use this option you can come online and ask me a question!

You can also ask a question using the black box on the screen, if it is not showing click the 'Ask A Question' tab. Type in your question and details and press submit.

What time is it on where you live? Obviously I can't list everywhere but here are a few...

Thursday October 18th 9.00pm JST
USA 8am Eastern
USA 5am Pacific
UK 12pm GMT
Singapore 8pm
Australia Sydney 11pm
India Calcutta 5.30pm

If you are still not sure you can use this time zone converter. Hope to see you there!

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