Wednesday 14 November 2012

Donations wanted for the coast..

Do you remember Joni who lives in Iwate? Well, she is still collecting donations for the Earthquake and Tsunami survivors. Here is a list of things that she is looking for, if you have anything suitable then please send it her way. You will have to pay for the postage but I have found that in the past it has been very reasonable.

From Joni...

Here are some things that are still needed, but please feel free to drop me an email if you have other  things available or other thoughts. Many of you have done this in the past and your ideas and the things that you shared have been fabulous, and ones that I hadn't thought of! You never know if something you have and are not using could be shared with those that have lost everything!

Some examples of things that have been donated that I never would have thought of (these are just as few, there have been many more)

** a gal working at a company that had a marathon every year, had new t-shirts that were leftover that she sent.

**items like those sold at school bazaars (gift sets etc) (no need to keep them in their boxes)

**wedding and funeral presents (out of their boxes is fine)

**food bags with various things in them

**Curry sets from Hokkaido (ingredients to make a full curry meal)for each household

**Very fancy woman's clothing from a woman and her relatives ( I have to fess up that I was doubtful that the ladies wanted or needed these...I was so very wrong. The ladies all had so much fun choosing pretty things to wear and every single item was claimed)

**womans handbags and mens backpack things

**jewelry and pretty woman's things

**fresh veggies from Hokkaido. They sent them in big boxes and we divided them here. We had enough for 100 temp houses and also for every home on the coast too (carrots, daikon, potatoes, onion, negi etc with some bags of fruit)

Some things that are still needed (clothing does not have to be new, just in nice condition)

++ Men's track suits size S, M, L and XL

++ Long sleeved t-shirts and shirts (all sizes) both men and woman

++ Small appliances and kitchen things

++ Small electric space heaters (new added item)

++ Food seems to be always welcome whether it be canned, dried or fresh.(If fresh I just need to know beforehand so that it would arrive right before we go to the coast.)

++ Laundry detergent, kitchen staples (miso, shoyu, etc)

++ Rice - Many have commented how sad they were that they werent able to plant rice last year or this year. All tractors and rice planters were washed away. The ground where the tsunami passed is too hard to do by hand now.

++Sheets, towelkettes, blankets, bath towels

++Young(er) women's/girls nice clothing.(shirts, skirts etc) (Sizes S-XL) JHS age and H.S. 

++JHS, SHS boys clothing M,L,XL 

++JHS age beads, craft things

If you have something that you think would be of use but want to check with Joni first you can email her. It is also a good idea to drop her a quick line to say you are sending a box.

Joni Owada email sistermomy 'at' hotmail 'dot' com
Shimo Arisu, 
Aza Nakakami 334-4
Sumita cho, Kesen gun, 
Iwate Ken
T: 0192-49-5700

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