Wednesday 7 November 2012

My new favourite gadget...

You know I love a gadget! I have had my eye on this in Muji for a while. Last time I was in there they had one out to use, this meant I could try before I buy - LOVE that! It is a punch but it doesn't punch a whole hole it cuts a flap for want of a better word.

I have a notebook that I use for writing guest posts and blog posts, I had been using cute little postit notes but found they would often fall off in my bag, not an efficient system! With this gadget I can make little flaps. I have them punched on every page then when I have finished writing the first draft, I turn the flap up.

Then when the article/post has been published I turn the flap down again. This way I can keep track of where I am up to and not lose posts that I have drafted then forgotten about. I always carry a notebook with me when ever I leave the house, you never know when inspiration will hit or when you are going to be stuck waiting somewhere with nothing to do.

I have, on occasion forgotten my purse but not my notebook! Oh yes, and carry 2 pens just in case one runs out! Do you have a handbag essential that most people don't carry?

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  1. :0

    This is genius! A dream gadget for stationary and organisation freaks everywhere! I must have one.

    1. I am not the only one who finders this uber cool then :o)

  2. Nice!!!!! It's so satisfying when someone designs and sells a gadget that satisfies our inner organizational maniac, right? Lol. I love stuff like that, too! Great that you found a tool that works for you!

    My handbag essential is a set of lift-out pockets that are easy to move from purse to purse. Oh, and it came with a light, so if I'm going to be in a dark place, I can slip the light in (which has a plastic tab that fits into a special pocket designed for it) and then easily light up the contents of my bag when I need to. Love.....


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