Wednesday 28 November 2012

This Years Travelling Advent...(tutorial)

We will be travelling around quite a bit the first part of December, so I decided to make a travelling advent again.

This year I have made it more like a book, the pages are envelopes which double as pockets. I thought that as he emptied the advent goodies he could then use the book for collecting bits and bobs from our travels. Much easier to gave them all in one place!

That is why is decided to leave the front white, then Ebi-kun can decorate it himself. It was simple to make, I did it one evening after he had gone to bed, so the pictures are a bit dark.

Envelopes - I use plain ones but you could use fancy ones
Card for the cover (cereal boxes work well)
pens and MT tape for decorating
Thread and big needle
Ribbon (not shown)

First decorate your envelopes, or not, it is totally up to you!

Punch 5 holes, equally apart along the bottom edge of the envelopes, I marked one, punched the holes and then used that as a template for the rest.

Cut 2 pieces of card to be your cover, slightly bigger than your envelopes and punch holes in them too. Use Japanese binding to sew up the edge, if you don't know how to do it, it is dead easy and I have a step by step tutorial here.

Add some ribbon to the card covers, I made a slit and threaded the ribbon through then secured it with tape. Fill each pocket with goodies.

Ebi-kun really likes the My Daddy Is A Pretzel book so I was going to get the cards that go with the book but then I spotted a different set, made by the same people. I got Yoga Planet and it has yoga moves and different activities to do too, this would be a good set for a classroom as some of the activities are for groups. I also put in a really funny joke, OK that is a matter of opinion, and by request a math question again.

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