Sunday 30 December 2012

Mummies, modern art and kissing cousins

Although we had a great time in London, the weather was pretty miserable, it was a good job we had museums down on our London bucket list! In the morning we headed to the British Museum, the place is massive and we only really saw a fraction of it. Top Tip if you going, if you go to the information desk and ask about the kids trail books, they have a selection, we rather optimistically picked up three; Sailing On The Nile, Hunting For Dragons and Travelling In Time. Ebi-kun really wanted to see the mummies, so we did the Sailing on the Nile book first. 

The book tells you which room to start in and is like a treasure hunt, you have to find specific objects or answer questions about certain artifacts. There are talking points and snippets of information, I was really impressed with these as the museum is a tradition museum format and could be quite boring otherwise. There are 6? Egyptian room so by the time we had done all that we were ready for lunch. I had picked up some sandwiches on the way so we ate at the tables provided. After lunch we decided not to do another trail book but instead do a big treasure hunt for all the famous items such as the Easter island statue, the Sutton Hoo loot and the Lewis Chessmen. We managed to check everything of our list and nip into the shop for more souvenirs before making our way over to the Tate Modern.

My uncle, who is only a couple of years older than me met us at the Tate with his family, it feels quite odd having a baby and a 2 year old as cousins when you are in your forties! We mucked around in the Tate for a bit and had a coffee then headed out for dinner.

We ended up at Nando's which was quite nice except that even the plain chicken was too spicy for the kids (it wasn't plain at all). The kids were really good even though they were all tired.

We got to have cuddles with the newest member of the family... although baby didn't look convinced!

Ebi-kun and C-chan really well, she is such a cutie too, I might have to smuggle her back in my suitcase....


  1. How great that Ebi-kun could get in some bonding time with his little relatives!

    How did you like the Tate?

    1. To be honest we didn't spend a great deal of time there, We had a quick look around one gallery and then the kids had a play in the play area. They do have a fantastic shop, i could have spent at least 6 hours in there alone.


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