Friday 18 January 2013

Breaking News - Snow in Tokyo

Well, OK, it was breaking news 4 days ago! Tokyo is very much like London when it comes to snow, more than 10 snowflakes and the place is thrown into chaos. Luckily for us, Monday was coming of age day, so we all get the day off - hurrah.
Perfect timing for playing in the snow....

Of course, there were snowball fights...

And snowball rolling or even snowman making

We even had daddy on the job, i should point out that we were the only family playing out in the snow on the whole street with exception to the two little boys up the road that came out for a short time, what is wrong with people?

Out punk snowman, looking rather fine in the yard, he looks a bit worse for wear now since he has started to melt. 

On a more serious note, there have been calls for people to monitor their electric usage, since the cold snap everyone must be wacking on the heaters and the Kanto grid is almost at full capacity, if you are in the are, remember to turn electrical items off if you are not using them. We will freeze if the electric goes off! Thank you - public service announcement is over.


  1. We are waiting for a blizzard to strike us here in Suffolk, UK. It is like waiting for Armageddon - the news is full of what is to come! I bet we get two minutes of sleet! It looks like you had fun and I hope you didn't lose electricity.

    1. lol - I know what you mean, I hope you get enough for a good play day but not enough to cause disruption :)


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