Wednesday 30 January 2013

Do you blog & want to make some money?

It is time for me to open the doors for My Organized Chaos again. This time round I am looking to take on more affiliates.

I will walk you through this because I know, not everyone knows or understands how affiliate links work.

First you need to register with My Organized Chaos as an affiliate (you can do that HERE)
You will get access to the affiliate panel which has your personal link, plus links and banners with your affiliate ID embedded into it. I have also made a step-by-step PDF for those needing a bit more help.

You then copy and paste the banner onto your blog, you can use them as sidebar ads like those on the right and/or in the blog post itself. The banner is coded with your unique affiliate ID, when one of your readers clicks on the banner, they get taken to a specific page on My Organized Chaos and the computer does all this magic stuff where it records your readers cookies and your affiliate ID. 

What if the reader doesn't buy right then? That is no problem, the computer stores the cookie information for 60 days, if you reader comes back a few days later and makes a purchase, then you score the commission.

What is the commission rate? Most sites, such as the Book Depository offer 5% - 10% of the sale. I give you 30%, which is a nice chunk of money each time for you!

Interested? Then sign up here for the affiliate program

Got questions? Email me at jo 'at' my-organized-chaos'dot'com

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