Wednesday 23 January 2013

Hanging out with hairy friends....

We were at a lose end on Sunday and ended up doing out fallback activity - going to the zoo. Because we go so often, there is no stress or worry at trying to fit everything in, of course we have to visit the favourites... which includes the petting corner, Ebi-kun was a bit put out that there were no snakes out, he had to make do with a guinea pig!

We also made friends with a new addition to the zoo, a coffee coloured alpaca, seriously cute, Ebi-kun was quite smitten, alpaca-chan must have liked us too because there was no spitting.

The little photographer at work....

It was cold, especially when the wind blew but we had beautiful blue skies, I love the winter here, sunny and bright and dry most of the time.

Whilst we were at the zoo we decided on a family challenge for the year. My husband announced that the 2014 Chinese year is the year of the horse, last year he used a picture of Ebi-kun at the zoo with a snake around his neck for the year of the snake, for the New Years cards. He wanted a picture of Ebi-kun on a horse for this year, I upped the anti and declared that the challenge is to get a horsey picture every month for 2013 (I am think this will make my calendar making so much easier!) Ha!

Do you have any family challenges for the year? Share in the comments, I'd love to know what others are up to!

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