Saturday 12 January 2013

Manchester, Museums and A Toilet Called Teri

A couple of days into the new year we arranged to meet one of my uni friends, Lesley and her kids in Manchester. There are several museums in Manchester, we opted for the MOSI or Museum Of Science and Industry.

My brother takes his kids here quite often and I am pretty impressed with it, the kids of course loved all the hands on stuff available.

The explanations were well written and simple enough for the kids (and moms!) to understand.

We explored the main building, the transport building, which also has a spot for eating your lunch if you decided to take your own and the train building. The kids have only met once before, I-chan was just a wee babe in arms and G-kun was about 2 so they don't really remember one another. When we first met up, the kids just stared at each other but it didn't take them long to warm up and start chasing each other around.

Ebi-kun asked the following day if we could meet up with them again because he loved playing with G.

By the end of the day, they were best buddies and Lesley and I had chance to catch up and have a good old natter, it was sad to say goodbye but I-chan was tired and we thought it best before meltdowns happened, best leave on a good note!

Ebi-kun had seen a sign for 'underground Manchester' which was another part of the museum, so we went and explored there before heading home. It was rather odd, all about the sewers, pretty revolting really, Teri the Talking Toilet did make us giggle though.

So, if you are in Manchester and looking for something to do, I give the MOSI a big thumbs up, it is free too and if you take your own lunch it amounts to a cheap day out. There is a cafe and a gift shop, the gift shop wasn't anything exciting, the usual museum stuff. There is plenty of space for the kids to run around and lots of hands on equipment. Of course, having great company helps to make a good day  into a great day!

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