Friday 22 February 2013

You asked - I answered! Inside b-school...

Looks like I started something with all this! If you missed the last post it is HERE, I talk about why I think b-school is the bees knees!
After yesterdays post I got quite a few questions, so here is a video answering questions and letting you know what to expect...

A quick word about the button, this button will take you to the sign up page and if you click 'pay now' and pay immediately, I will make some commission, obviously I would be very happy if you did! If you click through and then go clicking around the site before paying, it doesn't work, so if you are ready to join and you would like me to make some commission (thank you very much!) then click here then buy now and no happy clicking anywhere else! If you do sign up, email me the receipt and I will happily do some free coaching with you either during or after b-school.
If you have come over from somewhere else and you prefer the commission to go to somebody else, fair enough, just be sure to do the same, click on their link and then then pay now. That is how it works.
Click the button, scroll down, hit 'Pay Now'

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