Monday 18 March 2013

Out with the babes

The b-school babes that is. B-school kicked off again last week and so  I have been dipping in to module 1 again and redoing some of the exercises. Last year, when I joined I couldn't understand why people were going through the course a second or third time. Now I understand! Last time round, I was in a completely different place, I had the business idea but I hadn't built the website or written most of the content for the course. This time I have the business off the ground, I have a much clearer idea of the direction I am headed in.

The other thing about b-school is the community, we have one main facebook group but then there are loads of sub groups depending on occupation and location, last year we started the Japan group and I think there were 11 members this year we have had some more join. It is lovely having a small community of like minded people, in a similar situation to go through together with. We are in different businesses so everyone has something great to bring to the table.

One of the things I really enjoy is having a monthly, real life meetings. We meet up in Tokyo at a restaurant. I love being able to chat with other who know what I am talking about when I started on about webinairs or epublishing, the sort of things that most people give me a totally blank or confused look if I start talking about them. I suppose because I work alone, it is just nice to talk to other people that 'get' what I am talking about. Saturday was our meeting day, so we had a blissfully slow lunch at El Torito's and met one of the new members, then Paige and I went for a wander around the shops. In Takashimiya, they were having a kimono fashion show, it was funny because we both walked past these girls thinking they were mannequins.

It is lovely to have the day off occasionally as much as I love going out as a family, a day without them gives me a chance to re-charge. What do you like to do when you get a day off?


  1. Omotesando has the best El Torito in the world!
    I hope you made it to that one and not the one in Shinjuku. :)

  2. really? we went to the Shinjuku one, the service was s-l-o-w but we were happy just chatting so it was OK


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