Tuesday 9 April 2013

And then he was a....

2nd Grader! How did that happen? His first year just flew by, One thing I find odd is that they don't tell the kids which class they will be in until the first day back at school, I imagine it is absolute chaos with 1300 kids all trying to figure out where their new classroom is.

Hopefully we will get lucky with another nice teacher and without the horror that is T-kun in his class this year, although I think there is always one of 'those' kids in every class.

He was chuffed to get rid of the yellow flap that covered his bag, only 1st graders have to wear them, he does still have to wear the yellow hat straight through until graduation. If there is an accident and he is not wearing it, they are not covered by insurance. I am quite happy for him to wear it, makes them a bit more visible.

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