Monday 1 April 2013

Fabric shopping and burial mounds...

About a month or so into the school year Ebi-kun came home and told me a new 'hafu' (mixed race) kid had joined his class and had moved from America. So, I send a letter via the kids telling this new family about the bilingual playgroup and suggested we meet up sometime for a play date.
Turned out that the family is completely Japanese but they had just returned from America! As the year went on, Ebi-kun and Y-kun have become good friends so when they broke up for spring break they wanted to meet to play. 
I got chatting to Y-kuns mom and she invited us to go to a park, I explained that we couldn't go the day that she suggested because we had planned to go to Nippori to buy fabric for Ebi-kun's bedroom make-over. Well... turns out that she loves sewing and that she knows a cheap fabric store in Gyoda, about 30 minutes drive away and suggested we go and then go to the big park afterwards.

The fabric store was great, it is called Carrot! I managed to get almost everything I needed, then we stopped to pick up some food and headed off to the park. We had a play and lunch then headed to the kofun, which are burial mounds, and mighty pretty ones at that...

There are also a couple of old traditional houses, so we had a look around there too. Lots of pretty sakura trees, it was pretty busy but I imagine it is mobbed at the weekend.

And this is what the boys thing of fabric shopping! I think they are lucky we didn't go shoe shopping...

What have you been getting up to over spring break?

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