Wednesday 22 May 2013

And (s)he was fair as is the rose in May

Our town has a Rose Festival each year. It actually annoys me because they spend a truck load of money on it yet for the last 3 years they have been pulling up the kids play equipment in the same park and not replacing it. They did put in a new slide and climbing thing this year but it is nothing like the great play equipment they had when we first arrived. 
Anyway, rant aside, we were going to the supermarket and the shortcut is through the park so we decided to stop for a while. Ebi-kun wanted to try out the macro feature on his camera again. Just to show my protest we didn't pay to go in, we walked round the edge of the garden to take the photos - that will show them! Ha! probably not...

It does smell lovely though...

And there are some beautiful colours....

If you do pay, you have battle the old people so it was also safer on the outside hahaha!

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