Monday 20 May 2013

Design festa & Beer Festival...

Saturday was quite a busy day. My husband was working so Ebi-kun and I headed down to Tokyo Big Site to Design Festa. Luckily Ebi-kun enjoys it just as much as I do! They don't open the doors until 11am, so we tend to go straight to the food court - anyone who live in Japan knows that at 12 sharp everyone stops for lunch! I have to say that the food section this time was highly disappointing, in the past it has been hard to choose which stand to go for, a great mix of dishes from around the world. There were all of 8 stands in the main food area this time. We ended up with a kebab which was pretty blah! (Maybe that is because I am not used to eating kebabs unless I am drunk!) As we waited we watched a rabbit painting a rabbit!

Once we were fed we headed out to find the Japan Etsy team, I haven't been very active with Etsy recently and missed the chance to join the team, maybe next time! It was lovely to actually meet some folk.

We also watched a sword fighting dance that ended in suicide! And a fashion show, although Ebi-kun wasn't that impressed with the latter. In his words 'What is the point?'

It certainly wasn't as busy as the last couple of times we have been, I think that the November show is usually busier than the spring one. We did meet a lot of cool folk and see some great goods. I loved these little mushroom LED lights...

I think Ebi-kun secretly loves all the attention he gets, so many artist spend time showing him what they do and let him try things out and of course, every dressed up character seems to grab him for pictures! I don't think all kids would enjoy it but Ebi-kun is very interested in finding out how people do stuff, how they make things - he was drawn to virtually every stall where the artist was actually making and creating.

We have friends over from Canada at the moment so we had arranged to meet them and 2 other families at a beer festival, late afternoon. So we left Design Festa about 3pm, unfortunately 2 of our friends were sick so it was just 1 other family and daddy that we met up with. It was good to catch up and quaff beer!

And the kids had fun running around like loonies! We finished off with a burger at the Hawaiian burger shop and got home shattered! Good day all round. How was your weekend?

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