Monday 13 May 2013

How was yours?

It has taken some work but my guys now know how to treat a mom on mothers day! I know from seeing facebook updates that there are some mamas out there that got sod all and their husbands did nothing - I don't want those people to think that I am rubbing salt into the wound  here, I have been there, I have had that day, but a big heart to heart with my husband helped clear the air  and he now knows that he will get treated with equal respect on father's day. Blokes - they don't think like us, sometime we have to help it sink in - you know what I mean!

I got up yesterday morning and got told to go back to bed! Then I got invited down for breakfast...

Then we went over to the local nature reserve and had a walk around. I showed Ebi-kun how to use the macro option on his camera, he was fascinated by the bees and once he understood that they wouldn't attack him for no good reason, he was happy to get in there.

For lunch we headed to an out of the way Italian restaurant, it is lovely, the food is delicious - my starter was tomato gelato and basil toast, surprisingly good!

After a delicious lunch we drove over to the ice-cream farm but took a walk down by the river to work up an appetite first! It is such a shame the weather isn't like this all summer, beautiful, warm but not hot and not humid!

A posy of flowers - the red ones are clover candles I think, there was a sign saying we could pick them, the whole area was a buzzing with bees. Love this picture!

And of course, we had to have ice-cream and visit all the animals and ebi-kun attempted to learn how to unicycle, luckily, we left with no broken bones.

 Then it was back home, the boys went to play footie in the park for a bit and I finished off sorting out the studio, we finished off with more food! Homemade pizza and beer in the garden.

Thank you Ebi-kun and daddy, it was a lovely day. Mothers day is on a different day back in the UK so my mom had already had her 'day'. 

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