Friday 31 May 2013

Time to invest in your sun screen...

Sometime I am contacted by a company and asked if I would test a product and give a review, I am quite picky about what I accept, if it something that is useful for me and the family I will usually say yes.

So, this time it was for sunscreen. I have fair skin and burn terribly easily and I also suffer from sunstroke so I have to be very careful in the sun/heat. A lot of Japanese women don't like to get a tan - I think much of it is to do with the old way of thinking that white skin = a higher class (peasants and farmers who worked outside are often dark skinned) and that still goes on today. In the summer here it is very hot and incredibly humid and many women are completely covered up with long sleeves and big floppy hats. The downside is that this doesn't apply to kids. Very rarely do I sees Japanese parents applying suncream to their kids and as for wearing hats, very hit and miss. 

I know all the Aussies reading this are sitting there in disbelief! Of course, I am a Brit and sun is rarely a problem over there, trench foot on the other hand... Joking aside, I know I am not the only mom of a mixed race kid who worries about their child's skin. Luckily Ebi-kun does seem to have more of his father pigmentation (and he hardly ever uses sunscreen and I have only known him get burnt once!) But that doesn't stop me from being cautious.

So, I have ben trying out these creams by Sunsense with is made in Australia - and you know how serious they are about such things. Camp at Golden Week was a perfect testing time, we were outside all the time and it was beautiful weather, I didn't suffer any burns so all was good! I think when I buy a replacement  I will get the roll on applicator instead - much easier to use on kids!

I also tried the tinted cream too - it isn't something I would usually use but I actually really like it, the only downside to either of them is that I feel like I have sticky hands after I have applied it which is a bit of a pain if we are out, that said, it is a small price to pay for not getting burnt.

Want to get your hands on some? Well Sunsense have kindly given me a discount code for you to use...
Just use MUMMY13 when you check out and you will get 15% off!

Want to know more, you can follow Sunsense on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Hey Jo, thought you might enjoy this article on the relationship between skin ageing and sunblock.


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