Tuesday 4 June 2013

5 minutes of fame and football...

After the excitement of being in the Japan Times, we went to football practice. I don't always go but after a week of being tethered to the computer I felt like I needed some fresh air. It is about an hours drive to the footpal place and every time we go we I see this in a window and it just cracks me up - it is for some rescue service....

Turned out not to be very busy, I think a lot of the local kids had an observation day at school, usually there are a few days that join the class too but this time there were only 2 dads, Ebi-kun just about to score against the other dad...

 Luckily is was an overcast day so not too hot, just as well! After the practice, we went for lunch and then on a hunt to try and find a print version of my article, failed miserably so we did the weekly shop and went home. I needed to prepare some food for a party the next day so hubby went out and resumed the hunt. He was gone for over an hour but did manage to bring back 2 copies!

Not an especially relaxing day but at least I got a break from the computer! What did you get up to over the weekend? Anything exciting?

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