Friday 28 June 2013

A new discovery...

I don't get to travel abroad much these days, so my adventuring is a lot more scaled down! For the last few weeks, when we have returned from Aikido, we have passed a sign with 'Outdoor Cafe', last weekend we decided to investigate. I must admit, I was expecting an outdoors cafe, can't imagine why. It is in fact a wooden building with the seating inside.

Despite the odd name, we have found a gem of a place. We are lucky where we live because we have a number of cute cafes dotted around, this one is now on the list. The menu was very limited, lunch sets: 2 types of pasta, a rice dish and a bread dish plus they had 'light lunches' which were various types of sandwiches. We placed out order then they asked if we wanted to make our own butter. Of course we said yes....

Great way to keep kids entertained as you wait for the meal to be served. We all took turns giving it a shake, until we got this...

You are given a small jug so you can separate the liquid from the butter and some salt and garlic so you can flavour it, it was good!

They hand make everything, that includes the pasta and the bread - both of which were delicious.

Ebi-kun Secret Agent 008, had a toastie, that was good too. 

Considering it is down a tiny road near some rice paddies, it was quite busy! 

My husband likes a nice cup of coffee and they roast their own beans here too, so he was also a happy bunny. It isn't too far from our home, I am wondering if they have wifi, it would be a perfect place to go and work, when I need a break from the house!

Have you been adventuring recently? Found anywhere new and exciting? Please share!

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  1. Wow. Make your own butter and roasted Coffee Beans??!! Wish I was there.


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